Hard Dollar Project Performance

Gain real-time project status so that you can quickly apply corrective actions to keep projects on time and budget. You can measure completion against the budget estimate, forecast completion at project and/or activity level and calculate earned value on a daily basis.

Control budgets

View and manage original budget, current budget and current estimate data to calculate and view variances compared to actuals.

Measure progress to plan

Centralised progress measurement information leverages budget activities to calculate % complete, budgeted cost of work schedules, earned value, actual cost of work performed, cost variance, estimate at completion and forecast variance values against budget values.

Calculate earned completion

Track planned man and equipment hours against actual hours.


Track how much of your budget has been committed for expenditure to a particular company.

Achieve project cost reconciliation with ERP systems

Compare calculated accrued actual from work performed with ERP accounting accruals and actuals.

Reconcile planned quantities

View planned vs. actual quantities to compare and reconcile accounting quantities reported.

Report earned value

Calculate estimated costs to understand earned value results from work performed.

Rational forecasting

Select the best forecast method to use for each item, depending on its progress and other criteria.

Measure contract changes

A budget and contract changes register provides an effective method of tracking and managing all budget and contract changes.

Pay requests by period

Calculate earned revenues or progress payments for any time period using sophisticated earnings rules.

Collect timesheets

Improve owner/contractor collaboration with timesheet standards that eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce data inputting time.

Approve and manage collected time

Manage and approve collected time by job code, status, foreman, period and other variables.

Forecast by performance

Forecast projects and activities by daily, weekly and monthly production performance.

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