Hard Dollar Estimating

This estimating tool is used by owners and contractors to establish standards processes, estimating methodologies and build cost models.

Keep capital project information accurate and organised.

Hard Dollar Estimating uses role-based templates, common views, central resource rates and industry-specific libraries to maintain your information.

Benchmark against historical performance

Compare cost and productivity values in your current estimate to benchmark values from historical data and streamline estimate reviews by instantly spotting variances from historic performance.

Maintain live schedule and scope updates

Keep your estimates updated with scheduling changes while keeping the schedule updated with scope changes from the current budget.

Build estimated productivity with ‘what if' analysis

HD Project Estimating calculates productivity from multiple resources including days, shifts, hours, man-hours, equipment hours, unit of measure per day, equipment count and other production resources.

Leverage multiple cost model sources

Build cost model estimates from multiple data sources.

Accurate pricing and project costs

Take advantage of regularly updated vendor resource rates from finance, ERP and external systems using a single entry for vendor pricing and resource rates.

Create multi-currency projects, activities and/or resources

Assign multiple currencies to include exchange rates, local currency symbols and ‘last changed' modification dates.

Compare estimates to industry data libraries

Built in support for Richardson Cost Estimating Standards, RSMeans, InfoMine's CostMine and other industry data sources.

Maintain centralised resource libraries

Create standard resource libraries with direct access to multiple resources.

Apply attributes to resource rates

Simplify the process of categorising resources that include geographic areas, wage zones, account codes, cost drivers, currency, default quantities and cost curve data.

Standardise work breakdown structures

Create standard template projects with similar work types to establish a common work breakdown structure (WBS).

Drive costs from design system quantities

HD Project Estimating recognises changes and new additions to the design and can track and associate design items with labour, material and equipment assemblies.

Link Excel workbook calculations

Workbooks can be stored in the HD Estimating database for single data and version control.

Request and manage quotes

Analyse multiple quotes simultaneously to select vendors at activity or project levels.

Flexible pricing and overhead allocation

Spread mark-up and overhead numerous ways, handle last minute changes and manipulate pay-item prices to pay items quickly.

Create estimates from schedules

Create estimates directly from Primavera P6, MS Project or CAE Studio 5D Planner schedules.

Bid and no-bid decisions

Analysis reporting provides ‘at a glance' summaries in order to make bid or no bid decisions.

Download the Hard Dollar Estimating Fact Sheet