Hard Dollar

Hard Dollar is the world’s premier Project Cost Management solution for all capital projects. Used by thousands to manage cost and productivity on large scale projects it is continually enhanced to reflect customer feedback and new developments and trends in industries.

Manage projects with accuracy, efficiency and confidence

HD Project Cost Management delivers real time operational controls outside of traditional finance system constraints, enabling front line employees to accurately estimate, execute, analyse and accumulate critical performance history to deliver successful projects.

Complete project visibility and control

HD provides Estimating Software, Resource Management, Job Controls, Field Data Collection and real-time integration to scheduling, accounting and design. From project initiation to completion, HD provides the know-how and real-world knowledge to provide critical information throughout the project.

Seamless Oracle Primavera Integration

Keeping detailed budgets and schedules in sync would be easy if your projects never changed. However, since this isn’t a reality for most of us Hard Dollar gives you game-changing real-time integration with your Primavera project management software. It allows you to make changes one time and simultaneously update the budget and schedule, putting an end to constant cutting, pasting, importing and exporting. Hard Dollar and Oracle Primavera working together in real time means that all of your project teams will be working in unison. Schedule integration will help you cut valuable time from laborious processes and deliver an ability to answer even the toughest questions that come your way.

Milestone, your Hard Dollar partner

Milestone is the UK and EMEA Hard Dollar partner and we are able to assist organisations in combining HD with a varied range of complementary products to provide you with solutions that are specific to your needs.

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